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MVP–Most Valuable People: The Practice Office Staff March 26, 2010

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The first question posed about DTC/DTP readiness: “Does the staff know understand the patient population that will call to get more information?”

Dedicate a staff meeting (you are having those right?) to educating your team about the services and procedures you’d like to do more of and the profile of the appropriate patients for the technologies you’d like to use.

Did you just purchase a DXA scanner for osteoporosis screening? Be sure to give an overview of the condition of osteoporosis, common symptoms patients experience, explain the value of screening and treatment plans. Ask your staff to suggest ways to incorporate the use of the DXA into annual visits and new patient intake then engage them to implement their suggestions.

Before you educate the staff, have a friend make a “secret shopper” call (notification to employees might be required prior, check local laws).  Have the friend note:

  • number of rings prior to answering
  • if put on hold/transferred
  • length of call
  • overall feeling they got from the interaction
  • ask for treatments for the related symptom, condition or problem to be solved

After the educational session, have your friend repeat the process and note improvements.

Lather, rinse and repeat as necessary.

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