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Practice Marketing: Lather, rinse, repeat April 7, 2010

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The formula for cost-effective and time-efficient practice building strategies can be boiled down to this idea: if something you do works for one area of the practice, just “lather, rinse and repeat” it with other areas. Each practice is a small business and incorporating simple tactics to build the practice will make it stronger and more dynamic over time.

Example: Let’s say your GYN practice has just added a hysteroscope for diagnostics and permanent birth control (PBC) device placement. At the staff education session, they suggested reviewing birth control options with every patient.

Evaluate: Everyone is getting comments by patients that they appreciate learning about new birth control options–for themselves or to share with others and that’s generating great word of mouth about your practice.

Some patients have even decided their families are complete so they schedule a PBC device placement in the office. Those procedures are also generating great word of mouth about the practice.  This simple suggestion has generated X more procedures per month, adding revenue to the practice. Revenue that wouldn’t have been there if the “ask all patients” strategy had not been implemented.

Educate: If implementing an “ask all patients” strategies worked the first time, then “lather, rinse, repeat” on another topic. At the next staff meeting, ask what other topics should be addressed, e.g. bone health to support the recently purchased DEXA scanner.

You know what to do…

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