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Deb’s Truths March 1, 2011

Filed under: Debbie — Debbie Donovan @ 7:05 pm

Baby step integration of social media channels is the best way to start.

Efficient marketing programs are critical for success and compliance.

Successful selling to sales is mission critical and very rewarding.

Health care providers must own their reputations and practice marketing.

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4 Responses to “Deb’s Truths”

  1. […] line (and one of my truth’s): Health care providers must own their reputations and practice […]

  2. […] were panelists at the recently concluded SXSW (South by Southwest). She exemplifies my truth about HCPs owning their their reputations. Two important discoveries that support Part […]

    • I believe that docs get training in medicine and that their it doesn’t include a basic understanding of building/managing their local small businesses. It’s very naive for them to think that hanging a shingle out is enough–I suppose that’s why many are being absorbed by larger organizations that understand the value of marketing.
      Here’s a WSJ story on the impact to device companies as physician practices are being purchased by hospitals. Big takeaway:

      “This new environment is “very, very different from the history that most of us have grown up in,” Boston Scientific Chief Executive Ray Elliott said during a recent company conference, where the device maker forecast that an increasing number of doctors will become hospital employees in coming years. The key, Elliott said, is “don’t long for the good old days.””

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