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MedTech Vision 2011 Conference Thursday AM October 2, 2011

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Bray Patrick-Lake, president and CEO of the PFO Research Foundation Patients are More Than a P-value: The Path Forward From the Patient PerspectiveKickoff Keynote Lost in translation
Be the patient; be uncomfortable.
Nancy Lynch, MD – Orthopedic surgeon, Independent Orthopedic Technologies Consultant Physician Panel – Defining and Addressing the NeedModerator How does the product positively change the patient flow and meet the clinical goal?

Francine Kaufman, MD – Pediatric endocrinologist, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles; Former President, American Diabetes Association; Chief Medical Officer and VP, Global Medical, Clinical and Health Affairs, Medtronic Diabetes


Panelists Lots of unmet needs in chronic diseases – primarily time to support and reinforce care protocols:  Need to be creative and consider other avenues to assist patients to assist themselves, i.e.  Physician extenders – as in nurse educators at drugstores to meet and work with patients, web-based live interactive coaching to reinforce patient specific protocols and fundamentals for disease management – because the patient doesn’t absorb everything in the 15 minute visit with the doctor.

Donna Pacicca, MD – Orthopedic surgeon, Children’s Mercy Hospital, Kansas, MO

Panelist Pediatrics – the very definition of unmet needs.  Nearly everything used in pediatric care is derived from remaking adult designed product – understandably it is not profitable to make for every size pediatric patient, however manufacturers should make for range, specifically for pediatrics. Also, observe how physicians work – what processes, patient flow, how they use the product before designing something new

Shyamali Singhal, MD, PhD, Surgical Oncologist and Medical Director, Cancer Center at
El Camino Hospital

Panelist Clinical studies are designed to show benefit from mortality, vs. Quality of Life – there is a real opportunity in the QOL realm.

Manufacturers need to ensure that their developments DO NOT add steps, process additions, time, inconvenience or demand additional resources be added for the sake of using a new product – think reduction of time, resources, learning curves of the providers simultaneously while benefiting the patient


Bonnie Weiner, MD – Professor of Medicine, University of MA Medical School; Director Cardiovascular Medicine Fellowship Program, St Vincent Hospital; Board Chair, Chief Medical Officer Accreditation for Cardiovascular Excellence; Former President, Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions Panelist Unmet needs can best be defined by [manufacturer’s] assembling all the available data (instruments, processes, tx protocols) to find the needle in the haystack – that makes it better for the patient and easier for the physician.  Follow a physician through a day of patient treatment BEFORE making the perfect widget.   Great opportunities in development that align with defining care protocols that take into account risk stratification leaving room for further intervention if indicated
Tamara Elias, MD – Principal, Essex Woodlands Investment in Medtech Panel – Where Do We Go from Here?Moderator Cycle or fundamental shift?
Amy Wendell – Senior VP Strategy and Business Development, Covidien Susan E. Morano – World Wide VP of New Business Development, Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices & Diagnostics Group Beckie Robertson – Managing Director ,Versant Ventures Mercy Forde – Senior Relationship Manager, Venture Capital & Private Equity Services,
Silicon Valley Bank Ashley Ledbetter Dombkowski, Ph.D. – Chief Business Officer, 23andMe
Panelists All echoed:Product ideas that landed in a white space and fill significant, unmet clinical needs.
Deal structures involve new collaborative models

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