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Blessings to my Healthcare Social Media Gurus September 26, 2012

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[I’ve updated this post from July 2010 because in the past 2-1/2 years a few things have changed.]

I am frequently asked to explain how “social media” works for health care companies and providers. After I answer specific questions and cite examples, the next question I get is a variation of, “How did you figure all this stuff out?”

The answer is pretty simple. Early in my self-guided study I stumbled upon what I can only describe as gurus. They provide a steady stream of examples of creative execution, critical insights on legal and regulatory issues and infinite enthusiasm for this communication revolution.

The big news is that gurus Ed and Lee have gotten together to make sure that Ed’s Hospital social media list has a new home at the Center for Social Media at the Mayo Clinic and title: Health Care Social Media List . It’s a critical resource for anyone selling products or programs to hospital administration.

I’ve learned that the best karma I can give is a shout out to those whose activity I can’t miss:


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10 Responses to “Blessings to my Healthcare Social Media Gurus”

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  2. I will be making some presentations in the coming weeks and was checking in on all my favorite resources. I’ve updated this post to keep current with my movin’ and groovin’ gurus. Congrats to Jonathan for his move to Possible Worldwide, to Lee for his Directorship at Center for Social Media and Ed for adding LinkedIn and FourSquare info into the HSNL Wiki.

  3. […] Blessings to my health care social media gurus […]

  4. I want to add my own words of praise for Jonathan, Lee and Ed: All have been kind enough to share their expertise with me as well, and these guys really know their stuff.

    Thanks to the three of you – plus Debbie who made the connection — for invaluable help with the video storytelling study.

  5. I’m embarrassed that I’m the last one to respond and say thanks for including me. Great to connect and to now be working with you on a project. As always, please let me know how I can help.

  6. Ed Bennett Says:

    Debbie, thanks for including me on this list. I love the name of name of your blog, and noticed the two other gentlemen who were mentioned. Does that make us the “Three Wise Dudes” ? 🙂

    Take care,


  7. Lee Aase Says:

    Thanks so much for your shout-out! I’m glad to be in such great company.

    • I know you meet many folks in your travels, however I hope you remember our very brief encounter at HIC. I introduced myself and told you that I am one of Rhonda’s (frequently sited video example) ice skating students.

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