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About Debbie Donovan February 5, 2010


Debbie Donovan
medical device digital marketer

Debbie Donovan is a medical device digital marketer (eGold Solutions consultant) and an original Wise Dame. She’s focused on developing revenue-generating digital marketing programs for medical technology companies that include the integration of social media strategy.

Currently, Debbie is the Senior Director, Corporate Marketing at EndoGastric Solutions. Previously, she was a Director of Marketing at Avantis Medical Systems and established a robust digital foundation for Third Eye Colonoscopy. At Intuitive Surgical she was the Senior Manager focused on market development programs and e-marketing initiatives supporting Gynecology and Oncology surgery specialties. In addition, she has experience serving Ob/Gyn, Orthopedics/Spine and ENT physicians at Conceptus, Kyphon and Somnus. Her expertise is in developing effective digital strategies and leading teams in marketing communications, public relations and event programs.

Before heading to the client side, Debbie began her career at marketing communications and public relations agencies. She holds a BA degree in public relations journalism from the University of Southern California. She also lectures at UC Extension courses and is an active member of the International Association of Business Communicators, Silicon Valley Chapter (IABC-SV).

Views expressed on this blog are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer.

Please connect: or email: deb (at) egoldsolutions (dot) com [formatted to reduce spam].

Debbie Donovan

Debbie Donovan

Deb’s answers to the Three Wise Dames interview questions

Deb’s Truths (a table of contents by truth topic)

Deb’s posts in reverse chronological order

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7 Responses to “About Debbie Donovan”

  1. JohnMG Says:

    Hi Deb: Had occassion to re-visit your site this a.m. Had email from ThinkWiseAdmin (CPP as in MBTI) and thought it was an email from ThreeWiseDames. Funny, but knew it time to say Hello. Be Well and continue Doing Good! Best compliment to cook is to ask for seconds–does that hold for bolgs? — best compliment is to subscribe? I did. JohnMG

  2. Jim Kelly Says:

    Hi Debbie,

    Your website (or blog?) is very interesting. Thank you again for all your advice. Congrats on such a super website.


  3. Wanda McCall Says:

    Need to catch up with you ASAP.

  4. Larry Coy Says:

    Debbie…thanks for the webinar. Followed to your blog–very interesting.
    Boutique Ad Agency Owner

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