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About Lisa Pohmajevich December 10, 2009

Lisa Pohmajevich is a Life Sciences Strategist at pH Consulting.  She crafts business and commercialization strategies, marketing programs and organizational staffing and talent plans for medical device and life sciences companies.

Lisa has held marketing and management positions for companies with technologies for women’s healthcare, critical care diagnostics, surgical, ophthalmic and cosmetic lasers and cardiac assist devices.   Her expertise is in developing unique strategies to drive adoption of new technologies, replacing aging or inefficient products that are embedded in the system, thereby shifting healthcare services from high expense to low cost sites of care.

Prior to  establishing ph Consulting, Lisa served as the Vice President of Marketing for Conceptus, bringing the Essure product and procedure to market in the U.S. and Europe.  Some of her clients and former employers include Nellcor Puritan Bennett,  Acclarent, Laserscope, Viveve, Carl Zeiss, Heraeus LaserSonics and Nektar Therapeutics.

Prior to her career in the commercial medical device industry, Lisa practiced pediatric intensive care and oncology nursing.  She completed a B.S. in Nursing and a M.B.A in Marketing and International Business.

Lisa’s posts in reverse chronological sequence.

Lisa’s answers to the Three Wise Dames interview questions.

Lisa’s Truths – a TOC of truth related posts.


5 Responses to “About Lisa Pohmajevich”

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  2. Paul Plumb Says:

    Hey “nmn” – cannot believe you appeared on Linked-In today! Have not fired it up in months… Why is it no surprise you specialize in disruptive technologies? Would love to connect. Heading to New Orleans for a conference. My work email is Best – Paul

    • Hola Lisa, te escribo desde Argentina, hace poco estube en Croacia, Origen de los abuelos, y vi en las tumbas como se escribe nuestro apellido. mi abuelo al entrar a Argentina lo tomaron como Pojmaevich, tal cual se pronuncia.
      Me encantaria estar en contacto, casualmete me dedico casi a lo lislo que vos.
      Un abrazo
      Irene Pojmaevich o Pohmajevich

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