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Guest Post: Barbara Dunn from HAI Watch News May 4, 2011

As a companion to our 3WD Kathryn Bowsher interview and her role as CEO of PurThread, I thought it would be appropriate to publish a guest post from blogger Barbara Dunn.

Earlier this year, the Department of Health & Human Services released its annual report on the quality of health care Americans receive. While there have been some improvements, hospitals still have work to do to put an end to the ongoing, but solvable, problem of Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs).

Caregivers and other healthcare professionals know steps need to be taken to protect patients from HAIs, but it will take strong leadership to make the changes necessary to reduce the likelihood of these life-threatening infections. To help achieve this goal, Kimberly-Clark Health Care launched “Not on My Watch” (, a website that provides tools and information to help facilities eliminate HAIs.

I hope you will help in this effort by informing the readers of Three Wise Dames about this initiative. I’ve created a useful site that you’re welcome to grab resources from:

Thanks Barbara, the ThreeWiseDames wish you the best in getting the word out about healthcare associated infections.

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