Three Wise Dames

Marketing in the Life Science Industry

*ThreeWiseDames February 1, 2010

ThreeWiseDames is the collaboration of three very experienced marketing-savvy women, who saw the light. And they want to draw you to it.

They have expertise in old stuff and new stuff, tried and true marketing-that-works stuff. They are rich in experience and competence in healthcare marketing.  ThreeWiseDames promises to provide how-to’s, what for’s and why not’s in the form of samples, examples and anecdotes. Read along and join the banter. ThreeWiseDames want to illuminate your thinking, leaving the three wise men continuing to follow some star, never asking for directions.

The ThreeWiseDames Interview Questions

The Three Wise Dames 12 Marketing Truths

First Anniversary Celebration


10 Responses to “*ThreeWiseDames”

  1. Ouida Myers Says:

    Is the Green Toolbox image copyright protected?

  2. Michelle Miller Says:

    Deb, The content of this website is fun and informative… the site easy to navigate through. Keep up the great work! MPM

  3. veinmed Says:


    Thanks for your comments to my recent blog. I enjoy “Threewisedames” and look forward to more of your insights.

    Bill Greene
    VeinMed, LLC

  4. veinmed Says:

    This is a terrific blog with great content. Helpful concepts for business and life in general.

  5. roger fischer Says:

    hi guys

    i had lunch with Deb Kaufman recently and she shared with me that BK had made the move the HI–wow. And i saw DD’s Linked In status change. Congrats on your new gigs. This is great.

    Continued success,


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